A Short, Must-Read Branding Guide for Photographers

Tam Panjamanee
16-07-2020 - 8 minutes read - in General, Photography Business

Photography isn’t even your job. It turns out photography is your passion--the real job is making sure your current clients are so wowed by your work that they can’t help but say “I know just the person”.

Simply put, your photography branding is what will help you achieve that reaction and much more.

Branding is far deeper than just marketing and design, though. Rather, it's the way you present yourself and your work to your clients and the world. And that has a lot to do with how you promote your skills.

From now on, think of yourself as half a marketer. But try not to think of branding as marketing jargon. It’s actually pretty simple when you get used to it, and trust us, anyone can do it.

This brief guide will go over the most important steps toward acquiring and keeping your best clients.

Create a Memorable Logo

A logotype or logo has a broader meaning than most people typically understand. It’s a matter of semiotics, meaning it can evoke interpretation in the mind of whoever’s looking at it.

That said, a great designer can create a logo that tells the story, name, and “feel” of your business using a combination of images, colors, and elements.

By the way, you don’t have to be a photographer, marketer, and designer. Rest assured that you can hire a graphic designer to create an original logo just the way you want it.

Plus, a logo will help you with the final stages of your work by making watermarking extremely easy. More on that in a minute. 

Stick to One (and Only One) Editing Style

Have a portfolio already? If you don’t, we highly recommend that you compile yours as soon as possible. You can read all about creating a portfolio here.

Nothing makes a portfolio or Instagram feed stand out more than harmonious pictures--similar presets, atmosphere, and overall style. If your style is evident in every single photo you take and edit, it’s a lot easier for followers to recognize your work at a glance.

If you have a website, try and keep the website’s design in sync with your editing style as well. And if you can, pair up with a designer so they can help you set the tone of your brand. The colors, angles, and elements you choose to express your work will slowly shape you as a professional.

Don’t Be Shy When Talking About Your Specialty on Social Media

You’ve attended courses, you’ve honed your skills, and got certified. Now it’s time to give yourself a pat in the back.

(Not sure which photography niche is ideal for you? We have an article on that, too!)

When you talk about something with property and have your portfolio, certifications, and expertise to back up your claims, you’re earning your clients’ trust. They want an expert, they’ve got an expert.

Instagram, Facebook, and other social media have made it easy for you to talk about what you know in different ways. You can record stories talking about your creative process, write descriptions explaining why you chose a specific niche, use the IGTV feature for longer videos with more information...the options are up to you.

Another great idea is to share your best tips with beginner photographers who want to specialize in the same area as you. Make the tips actionable and useful so you can become a trusted, expert name inside your photography niche.

Don’t Forget to Always Watermark Your Photos

Your logo exists for a number of reasons--one of them is to mark your photos.

Plagiarism is everywhere. It takes nothing for someone to claim your photos as theirs, or use them in other platforms without giving you due credit. You’ve come way too far to let that kind of thing happen.

The “secret” here is to watermark your photos. Yes, all of them. It’s quick and easy. Our tool Fast Watermark will make that happen in a matter of seconds. What’s more, with your logo in every picture, your followers just know that’s you.

Found this guide useful? Share it with a fellow photographer who needs these tips and stay tuned for more photography advice.