Find Your Niche as a Photographer

23-06-2020 - 4 minutes read - in General, Tips

Being an all-around photographer is an admirable talent that countless gigs. But choosing a niche is the path to becoming better known and respected in your job.

Most importantly, finding a niche will give you a chance to focus on one area of photography you’re passionate about. It’ll help you make a name for yourself as a newborn photographer, wedding photographer, portrait photographer, or whichever niche you choose.

If you haven’t picked a niche or need a little help with it, read on.

Try a Little Bit of Everything

You won’t find out what you’re really good at if you haven’t tried everything. Yes, even the niches you think aren’t your “calling”. You might surprise yourself.

Start out by doing all-around jobs. Being a generalist photographer is part of finding out what you like, what you don’t, and especially what you’re better at.

Just note that having an inclination towards a niche doesn’t mean you’ll need to work in that area forever. Throughout your career, you may work in several niches until you find one that suits you best. In the future, you just might change your mind and go after a different niche. Nothing’s permanent.

Learn From the Masters

Let’s say you’ve found yourself in portrait photography. You could be really good at it...but you’re still lacking precise technique on capturing the right expression. You’ll need to learn how to use your camera correctly for that specific niche (even though you’re a professional), and you’ll need to study from scratch.

The secret here is humbling yourself. Especially for an all-around photographer, it’s OKAY to be lacking depth in your chosen niche. Your job is to go after it.

Know a great portrait photographer near you? Ask for advice. Take courses. Follow niche photographers. Make mistakes, and try again. That’s how you get better and better.

Market, Market, Market!

Once you’ve picked a niche, the work isn’t over. You’ll need to show your potential clients why they should hire you.

Yes, we’re talking about social media, online platforms, and portfolios. We know marketing can be tricky and even boring sometimes. But if you do it right, you’ll attract people who are looking exactly for what you offer. We’ve written a complete post about (promoting yourself as a photographer) and which steps you should take to wow your audience.

What’s your photography niche? How did you find out that was the right job for you?