Version 3 & public launch

Tam Panjamanee
13-06-2020 - in Announcements

🎊 We are out of beta. Version 3 of Fastwatermark will be launch in public. Since beta launch in 2017 we have put a lot of work into it. And with version 3 we are exited how the app is ahead!

3 years after our first launch we have continuously improving the application. With version 3.0.3 we are thrilled to say that the exported images from Fastwatermark have the same quality as you would watermark and resize images with Adobe Photoshop. This make the app fundamentally stable and the possibilities are endless after this improvement.

The following updates are:

  • [NEW 🎊] You can now send your zip directly to your Phone devices with QR Code scan(eq. for Instagram posts)
  • Exported images have the same quality as exports from Adobe Photoshop
  • Export height now respecting the max pixels settings for vertical images
  • Viewing the actual export dimension of images by clicking the zoom button(right bottom on the page)

We stil have a lot of ideas to make Fastwatermark even better so you as a Photographer could save even more time!

You can start your full-featured trial for 14 days in minutes!
Give it a try, you will love it ❤️