How to Get Booked Via Instagram As a Photographer

Tam Panjamanee
25-07-2020 - 5 minutes read - in Tips, Photography Business

Thanks to the internet, there are more ways than ever for photographers to get clients. In the past, word of mouth and advertisements were the best ways for photographers to build a client base. However, with social media, getting the customers necessary for a photography business to thrive is simpler.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Most photographers use their Instagram accounts as an online portfolio.

Some even use it to post personal pictures. That’s all well and good. However, there's a case to be made for creating a specific Instagram account for your photography business. When used effectively, it can be a passive source of customers for photographers. As a photographer, here’s how to use Instagram to drum up business and bookings:

Post Regularly

Posting recent work signifies to prospective clients that you are available to work. More importantly, with the Instagram algorithm, it increases the chances of your page being discovered by clients.

Post With Strategy

It's vital as a Photographer to have your own style. Let this reflects on your Instagram Account. Choose the images carefully for posting. Let them determine your Photography style by posting consistent use of colors and composition. The more appealing your Instagram Account is the more likely you will get followed and potentially booked.

Use Hashtags

When searching for inspiration for pictures, most clients use hashtags. Adding location-specific hashtags to your posts can increase the chances of a client finding your photography business.

Do Giveaways

Photographers that offer discounts and free sessions on Instagram via giveaways are more likely to be booked. Prospective clients who didn’t win the giveaway will bookmark your page for future business.

Have a Booking URL On Your Bio

Make it easy for clients to work with your photography business. A link on your profile that takes people to a functional business contact or a direct booking page is always a plus for clients.