8 online learning resources for Photographers

08-04-2020 - 5 minutes read - in General

Learning photography these days is easier than it’s ever been. You don’t necessarily need in-person classes anymore, and that doesn’t make a lot of difference when it comes to the great online resources you’ll find out there.

Below, we’ve listed some of the best paid courses and free online resources for all photographers. You’ll learn everything from how to start and run a business to mastering your craft.

We’re sure you’ll find yourself in one of these!

Kelby One (starts at $9.99 monthly)

Provided by Scott Kelby, this photography course suits niche photographers, generalist photographers, as well as those who are just starting out. You can enroll in different classes depending on what you need: Photoshop courses, Lightroom courses, flash and lighting, landscape photography, and much more. You can stream the course anytime on any device.

CreativeLive (start for free)

Creative Live is a vast community that connects renowned experts to anyone who wants to learn their secrets. And of course, among them are some of the best photographers in the world.

Enjoy online classes, live Q&As, live events, and weekly content you can stream anywhere. If you buy one class or more , it’s yours for life.

Lynda.com (start for free)

Powered by LinkedIn, Lynda offers over 700 in-depth photography courses. From picking the right gear to creating a photo book, you’ll get expert tips regardless of your goals.

You can try the platform free for a month before deciding it's a good fit.

Twig & Olive ($300)

This one is specially designed for child and family photographers. Honestly, it’s the most complete resource you’ll find, with a dedicated workbook and a total workshop that covers everything from starting and running your photography business to a number of shooting/editing techniques. Trust us, it’s worth the price.

Newborn Posing (starts at $9)

Just got started as a newborn photographer or want to sharpen your skills? This is the course for you.

Photographing babies isn’t an easy task. You need a specific set of skills to learn how to position them comfortably while also taking great photos. Not only will you learn to position them alone and with family, you’ll also learn editing techniques to make your photos look smooth and beautifully colored.

Cambridge in Colour (start for free)

This learning community has over 20,000 participants who enjoy a number of different tutorials and participate in a forum where none of their questions goes unanswered. With that many users active, there will always be a skilled photographer around to help you out. The best of all: you can register for free.

Digital Photo Mentor (starts at $99)

Browse amazing courses such as “4 Weeks to Better Photography”, “Portrait Photography Fundamentals”, “Lightroom Made Easy”, and more! No matter your skill level or specialization, you’ll find a course for you here. Also, you’ll get to participate in a Facebook group where you can receive critique from other photographers and get better as you advance.

Digital Photography School (start for free)

Digital Photography School is one of the best available resources for photographers. The website offers daily articles, free tips, and resources for those who are eager to learn a bit more every day. Fun fact: they offer weekly photography challenges with varied themes, and you get to share your work with the community.